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Empire In Flames Part 1 2014-12-21

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“Beyond the great walls of our fair and prosperous cities, beyond the fertile fields of the open plains that surround them lie the barren moors, the cold forbidding mountains and the dark, sinister forests of the Empire. What horrors lie within these malignant, desolate places? What foul, twisted creatures lie in wait for unwary travellers, driven on by evil, bestial instincts? These are the dark shadows of the Empire where honest Sigmar- fearing folk dare not to tread and only desperate or foolhardy men are lured by the dark secrets that they harbour...”

This new setting for Mordheim is intended to take the fighting from the narrow, cramped streets of the ruined city and out into the untamed and dangerous wilderness of the Empire. The Empire is a deadly place outside of the reasonably safe environment of its towns and cities where the law of man prevails. The deep, dark forests harbour bands of Chaos worshipping Beastmen, bandits, mutants and much worse. Over the next seven issues of Town Cryer we will cover new rules for playing games of skirmish in the wilderness of the Empire along with new scenarios, warbands, equipment, Hired Swords and modelling articles detailing the entirely different terrain needed. In this instalment, we will set the scene detailing the geography, history and politics of the Empire.
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