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N17 Enhanced Dominion Territories 1.0.0

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Dominion Territory Cards with extra fields to represent additional roleplay elements for a map-based campaign.

Designer Notes:
  • Some territories were edited to improve balance (corpse farm, archaeotech device). Tunnels and Needle Ways are also excluded because of their inherent breaky-ness for campaign stuff (per our group's experience).
  • Scenario roll rules are envisioned as such: Both players make a leadership test for their leaders, whoever succeeds in their roll by the widest margin wins the modifier. Elements such as ratskin maps or hangers-on that allow you to modify scenario rolls would instead add a straight bonus to the leadership roll.
  • Sector field is reference to our campaign map
  • Guild interest is reference to rules for forming guild alliances in campaign
  • File is designed to be printed on 3x5 index cards.
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