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LRB Escort 2014-04-07

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The escorts stood, one on either side of the Guilder, guns at the ready. Every minute sound made them spin round, the threat of an ambush looming closer and closer. The guilder kept his head down, praying to the Emperor that his strength diminishing armor would kept the bullets at bay. The group made hardly a sound, concentrating on the task ahead, waiting for the inevitable attack on the notorious guilder. Just outside the settlement, that inevitable attack came...

Also see the whole Captive Audience article.
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A nice mission, with quick and easy rules for the guilder. It could do with some bonuses set out for the defender if they succeed (guilder paying them), along with some repurcussions if they fail. There should also be some knock on and rewards for the attackers for taking on such a powerful leader.

As it stands the addition of the guilder (ganger stats with fancy gear), can help with offsetting the attackers advantage, but would benefit from a bit more at stake