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N17 Eternal Campaign Ruleset 2.0.0

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This ruleset is meant as a companion to the current ruleset in the Necromunda Rulebook and Gangs of the Underhive Book, to accommodate an ongoing game format without the constraints of a structured, finite campaign, and allowing the ongoing participation of dozens of players in the Puget Sound region.

The intention of this variant is to slow down the advancement of gangs so that development mostly happens in the form of xp, characteristic increases, and skills, rather than the mass accumulation of credits. Nearly all the mechanics used to accomplish this were drawn directly from earlier editions of Necromunda (N95), the Necromunda Community Edition (NCE), and Mordheim. This variant also draws upon some elements of the previously released Turf War campaign, published in Gang War 1.
John Compton
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Latest reviews

Great work, which I'll shamelessly adapt for our upcoming campaign in Berlin! Hats off to John Compton and his gaming group!
John Compton
John Compton
Thanks for the kind review!
This is a brilliant resource, very helpful for developing my own campaign ideas - the return of income, the multiple starting territories, focusing on character development - brings back good mechanics from 1995 and 2nd/NCE without abandoning the strengths of the third edition.
John Compton
John Compton
Thanks so much!
Great resource, does a lot to bring N17 more in line with NCE. Looking forward to further developments.
John Compton
John Compton
Thank you for the review!