Eternal Campaign Ruleset

N17 Eternal Campaign Ruleset 2.0.0

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This ruleset has been reformatted and redesigned to be a standalone document rather than an amendment to the current Dominion campaign rules. No rules changes have been made, but formatting is streamlined and players should not need to refer back to the Dominion campaign rules for guidance.
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Clarified Badzone rules in scenarios with home turf advantage, and included new house rules for home turf scenarios to add better balance for bottling. Further nerfed Manufactory Raid to bring it in line with Sabotage outcomes.
Re-added a modified House Favors system in light of the Guild rules. Clarified availability of House Sub-Plots. Clarified that this ruleset is modifying the Dominion Campaign rules. Nerfed the consequences of Manufactorum Raid. Removed Playtest Questions section and moved Grief Cards to House Rules. Edited rules for escaping in multiple scenarios based on rules from Book of Peril. Added clarification for captured guild fighters.
Additional clarification on items in the Book of Peril, including ‘cycles’ for the sake of guilds, and territory consequences for scenarios. Badzone trade post is available if the players used badzone rules in the preceding battle.
Removed free specialist at gang creation and removed cap on specialists that can be carried over from a disbanded gang. Reputation is returned to this variant, and Hangers-on rep requirements returned to RAW. House sub-plots are returned as normal. Clarification on sold equipment. Rewrote Savvy Trader and Connected for Juves and Specialists. Including clarifications for Guilds and Badzone environments. General heading reorganization.