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N17 Excel Gang Roster 2018-04-09

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If you can't/don't want to use the YakTribe tools* you can use this instead. If you want to... Nobody's forcing you... (draws knife)

* Supports up to 17 gang members as is.
* Boxes for all the usual ganger records are present, as well as stash etc at the top.
* There is a filled in example tab if you need to see how something should work.
* When you print it out and apply scissors, each ganger box becomes your ganger card! Magic!
* Works in Excel, Open Office, iSpreadsheet and probably others.

Upon entering fighter details, it calculates:
* Credit spend (for gang creation)
* Ganger value
* Gang Rating

Bonus Features: It looks like work! Handy if you happen to be at work!**

I've checked it against an existing gang created using the tools here, and it all seems fine, but just post a message if you find something is borked.

(*And why wouldn't you?)
(**Stoof does not condone you not doing your job.)
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