Fallen Dwarves

Fallen Dwarves 1.0

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During the fall of Karak Eight Peaks many dwarves were trapped within the warren of tunnels beneath the city during the skaven attack. They sealed themselves in a small network of caverns and were abandoned when those from the upper halls were forced to quit Karak Eight Peaks.

Living in caves has it's drawbacks as the abandoned dwarves discovered. Food was plentiful because they had found an edible fungus, unfortunately they had nowhere to inter their dead. They no longer had access to their hall of ancestors to lay out the deceased. There was nowhere to place the bodies that would not cause disease or attract the skaven or goblin hordes. Eventually they came to the hard decision that to eat their ancestors would be more respectful than to leave the bodies and bring disaster upon the rest of the clan.

Unfortunately the feast of flesh mixed with the fungus corrupted the metabolism of some of the unfortunates leading to zombie like states and eventually the effected dwarves shunning all other forms of sustenance other than flesh be it orc, skaven or dwarf. Some dwarves have decided to take the slayers oath to try to avoid this nasty ending...
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