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LRB Frozen Assets 2014-04-08

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Gang fights take place just about anywhere in the underhive, be it next to the sump or in a local bar or out in the industrial zones. Frozen Assets take place in one such place. Under the massive nitrogen storage tanks favored by House Van Saar. Although these areas are heavily guarded, occasionally a breach of security happens and hardy gangs can descend on the area in hopes of harvesting the frozen liquid at the trade post. Does your gang have what it takes?

Part of the 2007 Necromunda Scenario Competition PDF.
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A great scenario, have played in a few times over the years. My only suggestion is that heavy weapons create a new ice flow on a 5-6 instead of just a 6. With each shot from sustained fire requiring a separate roll. The ice flows disappear too quickly otherwise and the restrictions on Heavy weapons makes it a little more tactical rather than a straight shoot out across the board.
Interesting scenario - will have to try this one out sometime in the future