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Having the appearance of a young, attractive girl around sixteen, Genevieve Sandrine du Pointe du Lac Dieudonna is quiet and demure much of the time. She received the dark kiss from the male Lhamian Vampire Chamanac. During her extended lifetime she has also tried out many different lifestyles. She has been a lady, a bargirl, a whore, an adventuress and a recluse. Eventually she tires of a life and tries another one.

Over the centuries Genevive has heard nearly all rumours and half-truths about her kind and she is rather tired of it all. She hates the fact that her kin sees the mortals only as cattle and often tries to fight against their own folk. Never changing or ageing, she exists in a state of half-death, but she does not need to avoid dalight or any other things that are supposed to be a vampires bane. Although she does feed on blood, she is no predator: she will only take what is freely given to her...
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