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Genies are magical spirits that reside in the desert, they may be summoned, a ritual similar to that of daemon summoning. The more powerful genies have names. Genies come in many sizes and forms they are all independent spirit and have there own name, as with daemons knowing a genies name give the person great power over it. The genies are ancient and know many forgotten secrets, many sorcerers and priests summon genies to answer their questions, Sultan jaffar was known to have been in prolonged contact with the mightiest of them. Araby Sorcerers use genies as guardians, they also use lesser genies as servants. If an araby sorcerer have a familiar this will usually be a small genie, the priests doesn´t use genie familiars but rather a serpent. Priest shun the genies due to the rituals needed to invoke them, this doesn´t mean they don´t use their knowledge they just don´t summon them to do their fighting.
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