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Granular Income Chart (No Bands for Gang Size) 2017-06-01

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This expanded income table does away with the gang size bands so your income is calculated on the exact number of fighters in your gang.
This smooths out the income distribution and removes the artificial incentive to keep your gang at exactly 9 or 12 members.

The table is built so a gang sat on the mid point of the standard size bands makes the same amount of income, while the income for gangs at the top or bottom of the bands is interpolated between the mid points and rounded to the nearest whole number (that is, I've not altered any of the fundamental figures in the standard table).

For example, assume your gang earns 130 credits from territory and other sources:
  • In the standard table, a gang of 7-9 members will make 55 creds in income.
  • In the expanded table a gang of 8 members makes the same 55 creds in income.
  • Meanwhile a gang of 7 members makes 57 credits while a gang of 9 clears 52.
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