Greenskin Warband

Greenskin Warband 1.0

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"Itz time fer a bashing!"

The Greenskins have been drawn to Mordheim along with the mercenaries. The meteor caught many eyes attention, and as the rumour spread more Orcs figured out that there would be a great bashing in that city and they wanted in on it. However with all the Empire Elector counts armies out there the largest tribes ran into enough fighting to keep them happy. Only the smallest tribes did get through to the city but they are enjoying themselves in the streets looting and looking for a fight.

"Did dey fink dey kould leave uz out uv da bashing? 'ar 'ar we will show dem puny hoomiez how ter fight. Wotz dat dey fight ova sum stonez? Who karez letz giv dem a good bashing!"
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