ORB Guilders 2014-03-09

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Hive Primus alone is richer and more productive than most planets in the lmperium. The Hive is a manufacturing powerhouse. Goods move constantly throughout the Hive. Imports and some raw materials go downwards, other raw material come upwards from Underhive, and manufactured goods travel up into the Spire and off planet. The Merchant Guild controls all traffic between tbe Houses, and consequently is as populous, wealthy and as important as any of the Noble Houses themselves. The families that comprise the Merchant Guild are called Guilders. Guilders are closely bound people, intensely loyal to their own kind and insular in tradition. They are secretive about many aspects of their dealings and way of life. To other Hivers their style of dress and habits are strange and incomprehensible. Amongst themselves they speak a secret language quite unlike tbe common tongue of the Hive.
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