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ORB Gunfight at the OK Sump Valve 2014-07-04

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This was part of a sales promotion from GW mail order in Australia, I haven't seen it anywhere else, so feast your eyes.

Billed as ancient history, it's your turn to recapture a historic moment and see how'd you'd do.

A new on the scenes Cawdor gang run by an experienced Leader is making bold statements and the Escher Watch(wo)men and their Van Saar allies decides to make a statement out of the Cawdor upstarts. Once the fight is underway Smokin' Joe Righteous and the Redemption turn up to save their Cawdor buddies. The amount of light and lead flying about at a well travelled location draws the attention of the Arbites who arrive to supress everyone present.

Intended to play with basic starting stats as follows:

8 Gangers
4 Juves
1 Leader
1 Umma Wallace

Van Saar
8 Gangers
4 Juves
1 Leader
1 Captain East Buckshot

8 Juves
4 Gangers
1 Heavy
1 Caldon Nelson

9 Brethern
2 Deacons
2 Zealots
1 Priest
1 Smokin' Joe Righteous

I've played this out a few times and it's great fun, and quite hard, especially once the Arbites turn up. This can be played with 2 - 5 players, work it out for yourself how. Have fun.
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because it has an interesting storyline and i would play it w/without the arbites