High Elf Warband

High Elf Warband 1.0

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From the White Tower the Loremasters drew their auguries: the Comet of Chaos, the Doombringer, the Dark Shard, plummeted towards the earth. Soon the Stargraphers pinpointed the place where it would hit: the city of mortal men called Mordheim. Worse, the fears of the High Loremaster were justified: The comet was a shard from the dark moon Morrslieb, and it held a terrible power which could plunge the world into a dark era of Chaos.

The council was held and the Elves made a decision: they would have to send expeditions to remove the dangerous stones. But they would have to work quitely and in secret, for the power-hungry human rulers would surely stop them if they would find out their true purpose.
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