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The High Elves are the greatest seafaring nation with their ocean-going vessels, the proud Eagleships and sleek Hawkships. Although these are warships they are often used as merchantships as well. The danger of Norse pirates or Dark Elf warships is an ever present danger and the ships need to be able to defend themselves. On board the ship are elven soldiers belonging to the merchant family or hired in to protect the ship. The ship have enough armed warriors to stage small expeditions into unknown land such as Lustria with its fabled riches.

When the merchants trade in the cities of the Old World by tradition other elves follow up leads to lost elven treasures or inspect old elven ruins. Sometimes they are attacked and a bitter fight will erupt among the ruins or even below the ground in forgotten catacombs. Many peasants see the pointy-eared elves as daemons while the silver armour and gemstones catch the attention of wandering bandits or even Chaos Warbands.
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