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LRB Hired Guns - The Forgotten Guns 2014-03-12

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So, you are tired of hiring Bounty Hunters and Scummers and never really use that little old Ratskin Scout, but what about the other hired guns out there? Have you ever wanted to use the muscle of a Defense Force Deserter? Ever wanted to take that gimpy ganger to a Crazy Doc to see if they can be cured? Ever thought about what would happen if an Enforcer turned Rogue and took their Cyber-Mastiff with them? Well, those are just some of the ‘forgotten’ hired guns covered in this article. Some of these are new, but most are tweaks of the older hired guns that have not been revitalized. Some of the sources are Gang War Magazine, Necromunda
Magazine, and even the old Outlanders. So, take a look and throw down with your favorite ‘forgotten’ hired guns to back up your gang.
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