Hobgoblins 1.0

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.....of the myriad dangers awaiting the traveler in the wastes of Araby, none can be considered more unsettling than an encounter with a roving band of nomadic Hobgoblins. These loathsome and cowardly creatures will track a caravan for days on end, only revealing themselves by the mournful howling of the flea-bitten and scrofulous wolves they use as mounts. When they can no longer resist temptation, or the deem a caravan sufficiently weakened constant by harassment, they will attack in the most duplicitous manner, their wolf-riders feinting at the encampment, while their composite archers snipe away from afar.
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I just want to say that you had the right amount of fluff to fill out every troop type you proposed. Good simple fluff is the easiest way for people to get a handle on what the warband should look like.