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Horned Hunters of Taal 2014-12-21

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Horned Hunters prowl the woods both within the
crater walls of the Taalbaston and throughout
Talabecland and claim allegiance only to Taal – the
God of nature and wilderness.

The rites of Taal demand great mental, physical, and
emotional fortitude from its practitioners. Some see
the trappings of civilisation – cities, courts, and the
like – as a failing in the interpretation of Taal’s will.
Followers of Taal avoid firearms and other works of
science, preferring to take pride in self strength and
natural skill.

Taal is represented as a powerfully built man with
long, wild hair crowned with the skull of a great stag.
He wears animal skins and golden leaves flutter from
his beard. In some tales he manifests as one of his
totems: a stag or bear. Devotees dress in the image of
their patron deity. While Taal is not usually revered in
cities, in Talabheim, which is founded on river trade,
he is called the Father of Rivers and is the city’s
foremost God.
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