Inquisimunda N17 edition Draft

Inquisimunda N17 edition Draft 2018-07-16

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  • Integrated the work of Lysimachus on Unleashed
  • Added 3 attributes to the Rules Addendum
  • Updated Species and added maximum characteristics
  • Proposal of a selection of 7 ready-to-play warband variants.
  • Various typos and designs
  • Added some illustrations to the Introduction chapter.
  • Updated the Warbands chapter (fluff, skills tables, reorganization).
  • Removed Nicassar from Species (in respect to V3.0).
  • Updated the Expanded Armoury (inferno pistol, weapon attachments).
  • Created an original card template for the Discovery level.
  • Added some existing weapons from N17 (were present in V3.0 list)
  • Changed the 4 levels names and added a level tag.
  • Added 22 special rules
  • Added all 7 warbands to the corresponding chapter.
  • Updated links to Yaktribe's threads.