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Inquisimunda - Necromunda Add-on 2.001

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Inquisimunda is a cross over between the GW skirmish game Necromunda and Inquisitor. It keeps the same game rules as necromunda but extends the number and type of gangs you can play. It also introduce an amazing armory, as well as major psychic powers compared to necromunda.

13/01/2016 Changelog : some typos correction :

P83: in several descriptions, "Cell members" and "Ecclesiarchal Delegations" (x3) should be replaced by AdMech
P106: in Starting Exp & Skills, "Cell members" should be replaced by "Ecclersiarchal Delegation members"
P113: in Starting Exp & Skills, "Underworld members" should be "Eldar members"
P141: Subversion and Investigation ratings are switched (should be I=8 & S= 6)
P143: Tainted Bloodlines description is all in bold
P144: Nobles entry: remove Special from the weapons list (it interferes with one of their special rules: only 3 Nobles maxi may take special weapons)
P147: replace every occurence of "Enforcer(s)" by "Custodian(s)" (in the equipment footnotes and in the skills table)
P171: the equipment footnote is also not adapted for Underworld elements

P98&101: It's impossible for juggernauts and steeds to be summoned by warbands with the appropriate mark of chaos, due to the entries for khorne and slaanesh cults specifying only bloodletters/daemonettes may be summoned. They need to be added to those listings, otherwise only chaos undivided can summon them, and NOBODY gets to ride them!

P122 lists "specialists" as a rank in the IG kill team. This should be amended to gunners.

P123 mention of vents in the entry for drop troops. Change 2nd sentence to read "all kill team members are equipped with a grav chute and the kill team may set up models using the special deployment rules given by possession of a single 'surveillance officer' territory (referred to as vents in nce). They always benefit from the special deployment rules granted by a single 'surveillance officer' territory, no matter what territory they actually hold."

P137-138 since beastmen have been clarified to be abhumans, we need to add "abhuman - beastman" as a race option to each entry apart from masher.
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