Inquisimunda Unleashed 2019-02-06

Rules for Inquisitor (54) style Warbands using N17

  1. TYpos, added Force weapons

    Changed 'N17' to 'N18'!

    Added option for Psykers to upgrade Power weapons to Force weapons.
  2. Few TG costs played with, added simple Psyker rules/options.

    Changed a few stats and TG costs to fit with N18.

    Added rules for creating Psykers.
  3. Added TG costs

    Added some preliminary TG costs for the Archetypes.
  4. Simplified Inquisimunda Unleashed

    A simplified version based (partly) on the new Skirmish Games and Gang Creation rules from GW4.
    Also replaced Gang member profiles with Character Archetypes.
  5. Max Stats

    Changed max stats and modded how Species limits on Advances are applied.
  6. Layout Changes

    Changed a few layout issues and added clarifications made in the main doc to costings.
  7. More Typos

    Abhor the typo!!!
  8. Updated Warband creation

    Based on in-thread suggestions, moved the warband creation system further towards the Inquisitor model.
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  9. Typos, Added Equipment Lists

    Begun adding Equipment options, some lifted direct from N17, some from the Inquisitor Rulebook that will need effects/TG worked out.
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