Insurrection Campaign

N17 Insurrection Campaign V2.0

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Unrest is common in the depths of the hive and is usually controlled by local houses, however every now and again tensions spill over into open conflict. This can lead to a hive-war and can create great opportunities for those willing to take risks. Eventually those further up the hive will get word of the conflict and the noble houses will intervene, but in the meantime there is territory and riches to be had.

> Full Narrative Campaign System.
> 10 new balanced scenarios.
> 2 new multiplayer narrative scenario.
> 36 Campaign Events.
> Rules for Outlaw and Law Abiding Gangs.
> Invade the Under-hive and wage war over 13 new territories.
> Destroy your opponents territories and hear the lamentations of their ganger's.
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