Insurrection Campaign

N17 Insurrection Campaign 1.2

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Forge the Narrative replaces Hardcore mode.
Added artistic model photos
Sea of Goo - Prone fighters in the goo can no longer be hit by stray shots.
Scenario rewards - Changed rewards in various scenarios from 1D6X10 to 2D3X10 creds.
Blast scenario reward - Changed reward to 4D3X10.
Extraction scenario - Adjusted “Fleeing the Battlefield” section to remove the word voluntarily
Raid scenario - Adjusted “Victory Conditions” section to clarify that the attacker must open two loot caskets containing ammo to win.
Raid scenario - Adjusted “Battlefield” section to clarify that no loot caskets may be placed as part of the battlefield set-up.
Campaign Events added.
Added rules for Outlaw & Law Abiding gangs.
Added access to Black Market and Illegal equipment.
Juves - Added rules regarding free Juves.

Territory Changes:
Sludge Farm Territory - changed gangers to fighters.
Corpse Farm - deceased fighters can only be sold once.
Settlement - free juve roll adjusted.
Factory - updated gear to equipment.