Insurrection Campaign

N17 Insurrection Campaign V2.0

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This is a major update after playtesting and there are too many changes to list. Some of the bigger changes include removal of the Burnout scenario and the addition of Seek & Destroy. The post battle trading and events have also changed. In addition many of the scenarios have been simplified to streamline the game.
Updated Burnout Scenario - Adjusted deployment & Promethium Vapours cause pinning.
Swapped Second Thoughts & Talent Scouts on the Events Table
Added Early Days option for Cycle 1 events.
Changed scenario Tactics cards so that they must be drawn from the tactics card deck and may not be selected.
Added Bar Fight multiplayer scenario.
Adjusted Scaly’s to have Fearsome skill
Added Hideous Visage mutation
Added lasting injuries to Mutie King rule.
Added Mutie Invasion multi-player Ceasefire scenario.
Adjusted model pictures in events table section.
Forge the Narrative replaces Hardcore mode.
Added artistic model photos
Sea of Goo - Prone fighters in the goo can no longer be hit by stray shots.
Scenario rewards - Changed rewards in various scenarios from 1D6X10 to 2D3X10 creds.
Blast scenario reward - Changed reward to 4D3X10.
Extraction scenario - Adjusted “Fleeing the Battlefield” section to remove the word voluntarily
Raid scenario - Adjusted “Victory Conditions” section to clarify that the attacker must open two loot caskets containing ammo to win.
Raid scenario - Adjusted “Battlefield” section to clarify that no loot caskets may be placed as part of the battlefield set-up.
Campaign Events added.
Added rules for Outlaw & Law Abiding gangs.
Added access to Black Market and Illegal equipment.
Juves - Added rules regarding free Juves.

Territory Changes:
Sludge Farm Territory - changed gangers to fighters.
Corpse Farm - deceased fighters can only be sold once.
Settlement - free juve roll adjusted.
Factory - updated gear to equipment.