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ORB It Came From the Sump 2014-03-11

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So juve, ya made it back then... where've ya been? I thought the Thing had got ya. What d'ya mean what thing? You had your head stuck in a gunk tank or somethin'? The Thing from the Sump. Stranger things may have happened in the Hive before, but not in my time. This blob just rose right up from the Sludge Sea an' started dissolvin' people away. And ain't nobody been able to stop it. But I've lived in this drain pipe for longer than I can remember, an' it's gonna take more than a walkin' slime bucket to move me. Hey kid, what're ya looking at, you'ye gone all pale... Where're you goin'? Why the rush? Was it somethin' I said... What d'you mean it's behind me? Uhhh, now you mention it, maybe it is time for a move. Never did like this scumsuckin' pipe anyhow. Wait for me kid... Papa Steve comin'through
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I'm hoping this will add something different to a campaign; looks pretty fun.