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Justice in the Underhive

By Jim A. Westby, Based on rules by Robert J. Reiner, Jervis Johnson and Andy Chambers and the Unknown Warriors by Michael Duxbury

In the Underhive of Necromunda there is one force whose word is law. They are the Enforcers, and it is their unenviable task to impose the rule of Lord Helmawr on the citizens and outlaws that inhabit the lower reaches of Hive Primus. The Enforcers are hated and feared by the bulk of inhabitants of the Underhive: they are hated for being implacable and authoritarian imposers of Lord Helmawr’s often unfair legislation, and feared for the ruthless efficiency with which they impose the laws of the Underhive.

«Hive cities are little more than unlit bonfires. They need only the sparks of lawlessness to burn.» - Judge Traggat,Selected Sayings, Vol II, Chapter IX

// This is basically a collection of my preferred rule rewrites for the Enforcer gangs. It gives them an operational budget which they have to manage, and gathers most additional rules in one document. Such as hired Judges. //
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