Kroot Hunter Pack

Kroot Hunter Pack 2020-01-09

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Edited to mend typographical errors.
Fiddling costs slightly. The alteration of Strength back to 3 [rolling the strength bonus into the Kroot Rifle instead] means that the immunity to the Treacherous Condifitons benefit is traded for just a +1 Initiative bonus, making the extra 10 credit cost on the "ganger" and the 25 credit increase over the Chief seem unduly penalizing. As such, the Shaper now costs the same as the Chief, and the Mercenary now costs the same as the Ratskin. Greenquills already did cost the same as Braves, so no alteration was needed there.

Separately, some "mathhammer" was used to confirm the credit cost of the Kroot Rifle versus a Boltgun, both by comparing these ORB stats and costs, as well as by comparing N18 stats and costs [where a Kroot Rifle is available weaponry].
Updated. Strength of Kroot Mercenaries and Shaper reduced to 3, and +1S incorporated into Kroot Rifle, per current WH40K rules in Kill Team. Costs for Shaper and Mercenary NOT lowered, despite. Would rather err on the side of overcosted slightly, than on the side of undercosted.
Added to credits
the “Dapakkani” tribe rules by Andrew Strickland from Citadel Journal n18.
Mended some typos [spelling and grammar] that had cropped up, then re-converted to *.pdf format with a cleaner conversion.