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LRB Lair of the Beast v1.0

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The creatures that stalk Hive Bottom are the spawn of irradiated pollution, slimy many-limbed monstrosities that haunt the nightmares of those that witness them. Reports are not uncommon of hungry mutated beasts crawling uphive to attack isolated holesteads before returning back down to their foul domain, but occasionally a creature will linger to build a lair and feed on the unwary hivers that stray too close. Settlement bosses and terrified locals are quick to slap a bounty on the monster's head and so gangs are forced to swallow their pride and work together to cleanse the beast from its grisly den. But when the bullets start flying neither side can resist shooting a few rounds into the backs of their short-lived allies and make off with the bounty for themselves.

This scenario represents two gangs having formed an uneasy alliance enter the lair of a savage beast in search of bounty.
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Latest reviews

Enjoyed the first play through. Would like some clarification on the number of beasts that can be on the table, and how they enter.

Played with ~3000 points across two gangs. I got pretty trashed, Elite 42 did ok though.