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ORB Logan's World Ash Waste setting 2020-01-10

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From the Rogue Trader book [1987]. The Logan's World setting is an Ash Wastes world in the edge of the Eye of Terror, with a single, inverted Hive plunging down into the cool depths of the planet's crust, instead of upward into the skies. In the desert towns such as Helsreach, orks and humans [Necromunda Ash Wastes and GorkaMorka] interact, fight, and cooperate.

The file comprises the half-dozen pages from Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader that illustrate [literally] Logan's World as a possible campaign setting for gang fights between Ash Wastes gangs, orks, Hive gangs, and outlaw raiders.

An inspiration for a viable setting for an Old Necromunda plus GorkaMorka campaign, as well as a reminiscence of the original setting from the 1987 Rogue Trader rulebook, with hints of what would eventually, just under a decade later, become Confrontation and Necromunda and GorkaMorka.
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