Masters of Horror

Masters of Horror 1.0

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Lightning flashes across the dark sky as cackling arises from a ruined tower. "It's Alive!" echoes across the dead woods that surround the crumbling edifice before the thunder pounces and swallows it whole. The heavy door is drawn aside by a dwarf-like man, as he quickly makes way for his Master and his latest creation. Stumbling on ever-still legs, the monstrous being sets foot upon the soft mossy earth, leaving large impressions in its wake. Insane giggling follows it, as the once-acclaimed Scientist follows his golem, armed with his deranged intellect and arsenal of mutated fiends. He seeks to bring pain and suffering to those who cast him out of Altdorf, but to do so
he'll need wyrdstone to power his inventions. Off to Mordheim they move...
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