Mechanicus Explorators Gang

NCE Mechanicus Explorators Gang v.1.8.1

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With the arrival of the new Skitari and Cult Mechanicus models, its prime time the cog boys get some rules on paper!

Inside you'll find rules for playing Mechanicus Explorators, a team of knowledge-hungry technophiles on the hunt for rare and highly coveted Archeotech. Led by a minor priest of Mechanicus lore, these religious fanatics, steel guardians and hapless slaves will see to it that knowledge of the ancients is uncovered, whatever the cost.

Mechannicus Explorators adds new and exciting ganger types, weapons, territories and skills to diversify your Necromunda campaigns, including:
-The Magos, an ordained priest of the Mechanicus and a powerful wielder of ancient knowledge
-The devastating Assault Cannon and Radium Carbine, weapons that sow terror and plague those who oppose the Omnissiah's will
-Electoos and Servo-Arms, fantastic bionic creations wielded by the Mechanicus priesthood
-The Archeotech Dig Site, a massive excavation project guarded closely by the Explorators
-Archeotech researchers, bionic smiths, and rune priests! Master the ancient rites of forging and smite the Omnissiah's foes

Mechanicus Explorators are an exciting alternative gang, intended primarily for use with the Necromunda Community Edition, though also suitable for use with the Living Rulebook with weapon cost adjustments.

Update history:
June 8, 2015:
*Fixed a few minor typos (rock drills borrow vs. burrow), capitalization inconsistencies, subject-verb agreements on the servitor entry (nothing noticeable)
*Outpost territory: you now must take the skitarius if you roll it up, representing your magos being pressured into taking on the new fighter
*Industrial Servitors weapons match current Pit Slaves NCE rules and stats. Lowered the cost of the cutting torch by 5 creds
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