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Necromunda MusingWarboss's Base Labels - Inkscape File - 25mm v.1 1

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If you want to give your Necromunda (or similar) fighters some personalised names not just on the roster sheet but on the actual models bases too - then these paper wrappable labels are just what you need!!

This is an Inkscape file, so due to the limitations of this website I have had to upload it with the extension .txt - please rename the file and remove this so that it ends .svg instead. Then it can be loaded into Inkscape as a Scalable Vector Graphic.

Each text field on the arcs can be double clicked and the text edited to whatever you want to call your fighters. There are Twelve base arcs provided, so there's plenty for a gang and a couple of Hired Guns!

You can edit the font and colour of the text too - I used one that was available on my system - which you may not have so please use one that fits your gangs style!

The arc should also be able to be selected if you want to change its colour too.

You can use scissors or a craft knife or whatever you like, just take time to cut closely to the arc as removing bits of missed white paper can be difficult afterwards. You can always use a black sharpie to carefully mask some bits if needed though.

Use a thin layer of PVA on the back of the label, position the text centrally where it needs to go and then slowly wrap the rest around the base. It is designed to overlap a bit at the back. You can however trim the label if you don't need it that long!

Hope you enjoy these labels!!

A 32mm and 40mm Version will be also be available soon for the 2017+ version of the game.
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