At the height of his reign, Maldred's court was rumoured to house one of the largest libraries in Brettonia. Though his collection of historical tomes was legendary, far more interesting were the whispers of dark grimoires and codicies Maldred harboured in his private chambers. Of all the rumours, the most persistent was that the Duke owned one of the few remaining copies of van Hel's Liber Mortis, hidden deep within the walls under powerful enchantment. Though none could verify the substantiality of the rumour, it drew the attenition of that most heinous vampire clan, the dread Necrarchs. Dozens of their kin flocked to the city to further enhance their unholy powers of necromancy;, the city providing the perfect environment to establish their bases and continue their study.

Since Maldred's disapperance, the library has been sacked repeatedly. While some vampires left the city to continue their search for dark knowledge, many of the Necrarchs remained in Mousillon, conducting their unholy experiments on the terrified populace who remained. Of the Liber Mortis, no writings were found, though there remain dozens of secret compartments hidden in the walls of the castle as yet undiscovered...
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