Necromancer, The Restless Dead

Necromancer, The Restless Dead 1.0

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When the comet struck the city of Mordheim the power of the Authorities soon crumbled and in its wake the Necromancers have rissen, no longer do they fear the authorities and they can fight off the few Witch hunters that still dare enter their realm. They have taken up residence in the graveyards and crypts, as befits a manipulator of the dead. But while the mercenaries fight over a handful of Wyrdstone the Necromancers continue to study death and the magic with which to control death. They are no more interested in the affairs of the living than the dead are, with the exception being who dares to disturb them.

The meteor was a gift from the dark gods and as many of the victims were wizards the Necromancers take to the streets to search the houses for the Grimoires and artefacts these wizards left behind them. They are aided by their minions of the dead and their ranks are swelling as the days go by.

"The hordes of the dead are horrible to look upon - the dead walking resolutely forward, bones rattling, dry flesh creaking and clutching rusty weapons or weapons torn from the grips of defeated enemies. How can you kill what is already dead?"
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