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N17 Necromunda Campaign Workbook (beta) 1.0

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This workbook is designed to help players keep track of their gang's progress when playing campaigns. There are three sections to this workbook: Character Sheets, Territory sheets, and Game sheets.

The Character sheets are designed for gangers who have a lot of stuff and goings on. Did your dude lose an arm and a leg when they were taken out of action, but then you bought them cybernetics? Not a problem! Now you don't have to try and cram all that information into one space! The extended character sheets also allow you to fit ALL the weapons and ammo types each ganger has on them. In addition to the character sheets, this section also has smaller sheets for familiars/brutes/etc.

The territory sheets are designed to give players much more space to write their boons and enhanced boons. There is also a spot to write which book the territory came out of and what page number.

The Campaign game sheets are designed to help keep track of the progress you have made in a campaign. Who received XP? who was OOA? How many credits and how much rep was earned or lost?

The workbook is a BETA test. I would love feedback as to how to improve it.

Because this is a BETA test for the real deal, the images are placeholders for artwork I am making myself.
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