Necromunda Community Edition Rulebook

NCE Necromunda Community Edition Rulebook 2021

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Absolutely love this!!
Excellent work by Anthony. This is THE Necromunda rulebook as far as I'm concerned.
love using the nce rule book and especially like the new fear rules due to my gang leader have all causes of fear possible ;)
Absolutely love the work
no need to explain. this document + community... pure 5 star
Awesome work
Provides a good set of rule balancing and clarification. Further, it is an ongoing, evolving community driven project.
Loving the changes, which clarify a lot of content.

I wish a community version could be created combining outlanders in one rule set, but maybe I expect too much! ;)
I'm going to have to disagree with the other reviews and say that this edition doesn't quite yet work for me in matching the spirit and atmosphere of the original rulebook.

No doubt, the balance tweaks are a good thing, along with numerous other alterations to improve the game.

But the neglect (to date!) of Outlanders in NCE means that I'll still be turning to the ORB for any campaign that I run myself!

As this is a work in progress I look forward to the revision which satisfies me and I can retire my cherished (but battered) copy of the ORB hardback.
The pinnacle of necromunda rulesets, this edition has cleared up much of the nonsense and bizarre quirk of the original rulebook. You probably didn't notice at the time if you were a kid playing, but as you grow older you see a lot of the clashes and imbalance and can struggle with some of the wording. This version clears much of that up, re-introduces the awesome catch fire rules, balances the skills table to a much more satisfactory entity, and my personal fave; makes the autogun a viable option by simply reducing the range of the las gun slightly.
The Necro players ruleset, this is written by Necromunda fans, for Necromunda fans. It stands on the shoulders of its giant predecessor and makes an already awesome game even more. Awesome! And it's freeeeeeee!!!!
The NCE Clears up a lot of the confusing wordings in the LRB, and offers some popular additions, like bringing back the Catch fire rules. If you prefer spending less time arguing and more time playing - the NCE is for you.

Better still - it's still being updated, so if you find something you think should be changed, drop by the NCE thread here on yaktribe:
god is perfect, but cant advice.
NCE is almost ideal and upgradeing ...