Necromunda Omibus 1

Necromunda Necromunda Omibus 1 March 2011

No permission to buy ($29.95)

Classic novels Survival Instinct, Salvation and Junktion return with a host of short stories in this Necromunda omnibus.

  • Survival Instinct by Andy Chambers
  • Salvation by C.S. Goto
  • Junktion by Matthew Farrer
  • A World Above by Alex Hammond
  • The Day of Thirst by Tully R. Summers
  • Badlands Skelter's Downhive Monster Show by Matthew Farrer
  • Mark of a Warrior by Richard Williams
  • The Daemon Bottle by Alex Hammond
  • Rites of Passage by Gordon Rennie
  • The Lake by Tully R. Summers
  • Sisters by Neil Rutledge
  • Rat in the Walls by Alex Hammond
Often seems to say it's out of stock. I've been told, since it's print on demand, that this is incorrect. One just needs to contact Black Library and ask for it.

Currently unavailable, but an awesome tomb if you can find it.
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Loved this book for the most part, especially the short stories. See the discussion thread for my reviews of individual stories.