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NCE Necromundan Ratling Tribe 1.0

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Imagine being able to run a large gang of weedy and wily little thieves. Nick your opponents weapons and credits. Breed your way out of a recruitment crisis. Rob blind, the crawling and injured bodies of your enemies. Strip them of their weapons and finally show Mankind what you think of the term "Sub-Human."

At the moment, there are no particular weapon lists for this tribe, though I will soon limit, further, what they will be allowed to use. For the sake of working with them for the moment, they are not allowed any heavy weapons. Special Weapons count as move or fire.

(Pack Leaders) Leaders can currently be equipped with any basic weapon as well as cc and pistols. They may only take a needle sniper rifle from the special weapons list. Grenades and shotguns allowed.

(Regulators) Heavies may currently be equipped with any basic weapon as well as cc and pistols. They may only take an aunto-slugger from the special weapons list. Grenades and shotguns allowed.

(Runners) Gangers may currently be equipped with any cc or pistol. Grenades allowed.

(Pests) Juves may currently be equipped with a free knife and club at the cost of 10 credits. There are also allowances for Juves to throw a Half-brick. Rules are included in this volume.

This is currently an untested rule-set that I will be updating over the next few weeks until it's completion... I have not play-tested them one bit but will be doing so during this time.

Still, I put a lot of thought into making them sensible and fun in equal measure and I feel that they should only need minor tweaking. Please feel free to try them out yourself with your own figures and let me know if I'm wrong. I would appreciate any feedback that leads to the betterment of this rule-set.

Thanks for your time. BL.
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Latest reviews

Looks like a good start. One thing I'd have is that pests have access to the CC weapons but maybe restrict them from using massive weapons but then again a normal sized weapon would be massive to them.

They also seem to be a little underpriced
All valid. I will ammend the costs and some other items in this that have been looked over, discussed and considered for revision.

I may give the Pests access to more cc weapons. The whole weapon list, in general needs work as it's the only bit I haven't done any real work for, bar the obvious restrictions.
The list has some direction.

Sniper skills look good but need to be balanced, several things feel a bit OP. especially foraging and the native rule.

Also the list is a bit too hoardy and will easily outnumber/out gun anything in any game with the whole gang

Overall the list just seems to need more play testing before it comes into a good list
Hi Jim,

the sniper skills were just pulled over from another resource for the sake of playtesting. As it is, only the Leader can roll on it by choice anyway ... so it's a truly specialist skill table and shouldn't imbalance the game.

They are very cheap ... I've been looking over the roster for the 10 models that i've made, to date. I still have around 230 credits to spend. Conceivably I could afford another 7 lightly equipped "Runners." This will need revised.

I don't think they're likely to be considered OP when you look at their weaponry. Only 3 characters in a gang can carry basic ranged weapons, without the specialist skill. This means it'll be very hard for them to get close enough to use their deadly accuracy. Max range for most of the gang is 16" and the juves don't even get guns.

I honestly think your Ratling gang's access to more ranged weapons and a starting BS of 4 makes them more OP than mine. Try playtesting them before offering a starred review. I haven't gone near your roster review yet, as I haven't had a chance to play-test them.

The Native rule is plucked from the Ratskins and makes sense with the fluff. The fact that they're T2 basic and have W2 Maximum means they will be going down a lot more often than most, so I wanted to give the ganger/heavy/leader models some survivability.

I'll be sure to leave a review of yours soon.