Nehekhara Tomb Guards

Nehekhara Tomb Guards 1.0

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You cannot actually destroy a Mummy unless you destroy its inner organs that are safely kept within jars, there are 4 jars and each jar is protected by a spirit. Thus Mummies have no fear of being destroyed, unless you raid their tomb - where you will encounter their strongest defenses. These jars are hidden in the depths of the tombs but some are buried in lost or hidden oases. It is whispered that some of the mightiest Tomb Kings have managed to hide their jars in the underworld of the dead, this would explain their incredible resilience.

Centuries after their deaths, the Tomb Kings rise from their tombs to wage huge wars against the living. While these powerful generals command their massive armies, their jars are vulnerable to attack from tomb robbers and crusaders. To protect the jars, the Tomb Kings call forth many of their fellow mummies from the dead. Some of these mummies are sent out in small groups to stop potential threats and warn the main force, which stays at the pyramid, about large forces that are advancing toward the pyramid.
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