The greedy little runts known as Night Goblins are newcomers to the city of Mordheim, drawn there by their inherent acquisitive natures. They come in search of shinyshinies, of sparkly-sparkles, and the precious wyrdstone. Being slightly more intelligent than Orcs (which are only slightly brighter than sand), Night Goblin warbands are stealthy sneaks. They have an unending, unnerving hatred towards all Dwarfs and fear the Elven races. These little buggers traipse around the ruins of the city, hell-bent on collecting loot to trade with other goblins for more "stuff" (basically weapons and equipment).

Unlike ordinary warbands, Goblins will challenge their leader once a troop has accumulated more stuff than the leader. Of course, a smart leader would never let that happen, however, if, in any given battle, a goblin picks up loot or wyrdstone shards which put its accumulated "stuff" beyond that of the leaders, a challenge ensues. The loser looses all his stuff to the winner, and must by new gear. The only exceptions to this are Shamans, Trolls, Snotlings and, well, Squigs and Spiders (both of which have no desire to rule a gang...). Shamans are feared for their powers, Trolls just aren't bright enough, and well, Snotlings are just puny (even when compared to the Gobbos!).
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