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The fierce Norse ravages the northern coasts of the Empire and Kislev, however they are great sailors and have raided as far as Ulthuan, Lustria and the Southlands. They sail in dragon-headed vessels known as Longships, these ships have a very shallow draft that allow them to sail in dangerously shallow waters or to beach on shores without damaging their hulls.

Norse holds no fear of death in battle, as they believe that when they die in battle they will come to Valhalla. There they will feast and fight for an eternity together with every brave Norse killed in battle. Every Norse child is raised to fight with a shield and a sword or axe and they succesfully combine farmlife or sailing with warriorhood. This makes Norse settlements hard to raid as even the Norse that farm the fields do so with an axe or sword within reach. Each Norse sailor is both a sailor and a warrior, though warrior first and raiders when the opportunity arises.

The first Norse to succesfully penetrate into the seas around Lustria was Losteriksson, of all the Norse before him he was the only one who lived to return to Norsca and tell his tale. This tale is told at most feasts and every time a band of brave Norse embark on a Longship to seek out the riches of Lustria themselves.
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