Ogre Maneaters

Ogre Maneaters 1.0

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In their natural environment Ogres move in herds. They exist in tribes spread across the Mountains of Mourn. Drifting through foreign lands, Ogres take up employment as hired muscle to anyone with enough coin and the nerve to go with it.

The call of the wild is too much for some bands and they prey upon merchants and travellers. The Ivory Road is never easy pickings as land trains are always guarded by heavily armed hirelings. Ogres sometimes end up fighting their own kind before looting the caravans and returning to their tribes with whatever is left of the spoils.

A company of these undisciplined savages who agree to fight under the command of a ballsy merchant will have their witless brawn put to good use in a fight. Spectacular mercenaries known as Maneaters all too often find themselves on the road, escorting a wealthy caravan great distances along dangerous trade routes. A few of these retinues make their way to the ruins of Mordheim.
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