On the Precipice

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The setting of Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress is a perfect one for a Necromunda campaign with an expanded collection of reprobates. The hive of scum and villainy, full of adventurers on the edge of the law that mix, mingle, and fight aboard the space station Precipice, in orbit around a pre-human hoard of treasure (for any strong enough to claim it, handful by handful), is, like Necromunda, a "wild west border town," a "Mos Eisley" where crews and gangs fight and die to claim their own piece of the action.

This supplement makes use of Shadow War: Armageddon to supplement the gang lists of Necromunda and Outlanders, and makes some small additions to the Necromunda '95 campaign rules, to set your next campaign out in the black.
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