Original Rulebook

ORB Original Rulebook 1995

No permission to download
This is really good to use as i have been using these rules since it first came out
Next to nothing beats the true Necromunda. Although not perfect, it is great fun.
Ahhh... Necromunda. Quite possibly the greatest game ever created. Certainly the greatest game GW ever produced, and for many if us the memories of growing up playing this game are so strong, it's what brought us here in the first place. I've given it 5 stars simply because without this leviathan of game awesomeness, nothing that you see before you today on this awesome site would exist. Whilst better than the Living Rule Book, I feel it is eclipsed by the Community Edition. But the Community Edition is just a tidying up of this ruleset, and it would t even exist if it wasn't for this. The daddy. The beast. The original rule book.