Pit Slave Gang Rules for Necromunda Underhive (2018)

N17 Pit Slave Gang Rules for Necromunda Underhive (2018) 2022-08-24

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I wanted to include Pit Slaves gang in my campaign, but could not find proper rules for them for the new Necromunda (they were originally released in WD 224 by Andy Chambers I think) - so I made them myself, as I don't think we will see them, especially that Slave Ogryns act as their semi replacement. I tried to keep them as playable as possible, at the same time staying true to their original form (lore parts are take from the orginal materials, apart for the Pit Scum which I wrote). In my fandmade booklet I included:
- my proposition for the Pit Slave Gang Rules
- New skill tree of my own creation called Pit-Fight (but it might as well be Muscle skill tree from House of Chains)
- Proposed stats for Pit Slave's weapons
- And as a bonus, rules for famous Pit Slave hero - Bull Gorg
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