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"I chanted the words of the ritual under my breath, my mind aware of nothing but their rhythm and the power they held, my hands moved in the sacred patterns of the ceremony. I had done this many times before. The body before me was nothing but a carcass, its soul already blessed and freed and fled to the afterlife. My job now was to seal the corpse, to make sure that no other entity could move in and take possession of the empty shell."

The Priests of Morr are a new Hired Sword that can be added to human warbands. Although they are followers of Sigmar, Witch Hunters and Sisters of Sigmar respect the Priesthood of Morr and will allow one to accompany them. Dressed in the plain black robes of their faith, priests of Morr have come to Mordheim to insure the souls of those who have died safe passage and, more importantly, that the dead remain as such.
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