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LRB Priest v1.0

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Such are the depravities that are bounden upon all Underhivers it is of little surprise many of them seek emotional solace in the hands of the priests. Preachers line the boulevards and trading posts delivering messages of divine will and salvation, but others sometimes seek a much more direct path to repentance. These are the fanatical priests that wander the wastes pursuing their own parochial agendas, to deliver their own holy messages of faith and indignation, and often through the bloodshed of others.

The wandering priests that choose to hire themselves to the warring gangs do so for many reasons. Embittered preachers eager to spread their divine messages to those that usually do not listen. Priests enforcing against the corrupted or repenting through the bloodshed of sinners. Fighters of the Redemptiom continuing the efforts of a disbanded crusade or to simply alleviate an insatiable bloodlust. No matter their true purpose, Underhive gang leaders can quickly recognise the unbridled aggression and inspirational fortitude a priest can offer at the forefront of their fights.
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