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Printable 4-in-1 Shadespire board 2018-01-12

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Each of the 3 pages hold one third of the complete board (page 1 : left part, page 2 center, page 3 right part). I left half an hex of overlap between parts to make it easier to assemble them.

Each different layout is represented by a color and is slightly off center (clockwise from upper-left: teal, dark green, light green and beige) which are supposed to be reminiscent of the main colors of the official boards. The colored dots indicate the starting hexes, and the 6 colored hexes on the left are the blocked hexes (the 3 contiguous ones for the light green layout, and the other 3 for the beige layout). Grey hexes are no-one territory/non-existent hexes depending on how the boards are assembled.
Instead of choosing a board to place at the start of the game, place the board and choose a color to use (the other 3 are ignored). I'd recommend to note the chosen color and/or use some kind of markers to indicate the blocked hexes (if any).

Here is the complete file for reference sake:

And an IRL pic of the board printed and glued on cardboard:

The board is slightly larger than the official boards. This is intentional as I plan to use it in conjonction with custom hexes like this one and I'll need the extra leeway:
If you want to use it alongside official boards, I'd recommend adjusting the size to 98% when printing, it should do the trick.
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