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N17 Printable Illustrated Custom Tactics Cards (Cinderak Burning - Escher&Goliath vehicle cards) 19.0

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After quite a while we're back on the schedule and everything's updated :) Both Escher and Goliath vehicle cards from Cinderak Burning expansion are done. The individual card files are updated as well.


Thanks for pointing out I missed the generic Ash Wastes cards :)

Everything's done.
Gentlescum, the desert eagle has landed and after quite a wait I present to you a full Ash Wastes ready set of tactics cards.

- Ash Wastes Nomads - marked with a Sun icon
- Ironhead Squat Prospectors - marked with a gem icon
- Orlock Vehicle Cards - marked with a nut icon



The cowboy-themed Outcasts cards are back in town!

Thanks for patience ;) the Delaque have landed.
Quick update with a White Dwarf card.

As usual, if you have a scan or better - a House of Artifice PDF from which I can copy the cards texts - send it over :)


Gentlescum, the Orlock cards are done. Enjoy!

Thanks for everyone who sent me the scans :)
Zone Mortalis update has landed, Gentlescum.

Set is marked with a gear icon and, since it's a kind of a separate dechk, all the Gang-specific cards are part of it (so they were not added to "house" lists).