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N17 Printable Illustrated Custom Tactics Cards (incl. Book of the Outcasts) 17.0

No permission to download
Set is updated with cards from Corpse Grinders Cults set :) Marked with JAWS 🦈

Enjoy, you sick, sick people...
Gentlescum, the cards from the boxed set are done. Set is marked with something similar to Corpse Grinder helmet.

Both new Enforcers cards and the Corpse Grinders are there.

Gentlescum, since the newest cards are already out of reach, you may find those useful :) Both sets are marked with a different logo (Helmet - Enforcers, Squirrel - Underdog) and I added a bit more clarity to the whole file.

As usual - enjoy :)
Gentlescum, if you want to have a new free card set with illustrations, this is your lucky day :)
Genlemen, I give you the Delaque update :) Both Gang Tactics and Delaque Gang Tactics are there. The set symbol is a Triple Snake (or something similar and delaquey).

I'll try to solve the quality problem, but for now we have to stick to what we have.

If you find any mistakes, typos etc. let me know.

Enjoy it silently, discreetly and from the shadows.

Set is updated with Cawdor Gang Tactics and with regular Gang Tactics from Cawdor set.

As requested before, Cawdor set is marked with the little flame logo. From now on new sets will be modified as such.

Have fun :)